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'We supply all grades of 1st class disposable baby diapers at competitive prices'

  Product Range

Baby Diapers
We offer a full range of disposable Baby Diapers that are manufactured in South Africa using the latest machines and technology. Our product development process focuses on the global marketplace and meets international demands. Products are manufactured with the highest quality raw material and latest production technology. All diapers are of consistent top quality.

Our products perform consistently well, meet the needs of the global marketplace and provides consumers with preferred features that offer value. Our products go through extensive laboratory testing to meet latest trends and demands.

About the products
We offer three tiers of diapers to meet the performance and economic needs of the consumer. You will find solutions to fit all your market needs.

· Economy Diaper
· Ultra Diaper
· Premium Diaper

All diapers are offered in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. All diapers are proudly South African and have SADC certification.

Private Label
We also produce for private label to meet the demands of large customers, and we can supply any size/packaging provided minimum quantities are purchased.

Adult Incontinent
Adult diapers are also available.

Baby Wipes
Wet wipes or moist toilettes are used to clean the hands, refresh the face, or commonly when changing baby. These are available in different sizes/ packs.

· Maximum Absorption

· Special Formula Protection

· Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, treatment available

· Leak Protection Barrier· Super Dry and Super Comfy