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'We supply all grades of 1st class disposable baby diapers at competitive prices'


Based in Johannesburg DIAPERS 4 AFRICA export
South African produced diapers and hygiene
products from state of the art production facilities
meeting international demands.

'An estimated total number of diapers used during
the entire life of a baby is about 3,800 to 4,200 diapers.


We are well situated to supply the needs of customers
either by Road or Ship Delivery.

'Diapers4Africa' export program is geared to export its products offering speedy shipment at competitive prices.

We provide logistical solutions and deliver direct to you.

If there are approximately 321 million babies (0-2) in the world, the world therefore requires 15,800 diapers per second if every single baby in the world used disposable diapers'

  Disposable Baby Diapers
There are various types and styles of disposable diapers available, ranging from basic plastic backed diapers to the latest high-tech breathable printed backsheet together with fluff pulp and super absorbent material and elastic legs. The diaper has a layered construction, allowing the transfer and distribution of the liquid to an absorbent core.

The make up is an outer nonwoven film, which prevents wetness and soil transfer, an inner absorbent layer of a mixture of cellulose pulp and superabsorbent gel, an inner distribution layer which transfers liquid into the absorption core and a backsheet of plastic or breathable film.

Other features include adhesive or velcro tapes, elasticised fabric around the leg (legcuff).

These innovations help keep the baby dry and comfortable.